Effective Application State Management - Lesson 2

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Compose your state

When you are going to introduce an application state you should know how to update it. If you're coming from a pure object oriented language like Java, you might think of a class (maybe using the singleton pattern), which instance(s) keep a list of key-value pairs. This might be sufficient for simple states, but usually you have nested objects, and it could be tedious to control this, as you need to introduce some abstractions and/or (de)serialization mechanism to deal with complex objects.

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Effective Application State Management - Lesson 1

Reading Time: 4 minutes


I'm back! I haven't abandoned this blog, but I procrastinated too much, without being inactive at all. I'm full of cool ideas and have some projects running, e.g. building an Arcade Machine, learning Elixir/Phoenix. I think/hope that in 2017 I'll have more time to write more articles...and this is the first one of a series which I call "Effective Application State Management", based on the concept of Scott Meyers "Effective C++".

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